Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Review

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor is an action RPG for the famous franchise Lord of The Rings. In the Shadow of Mordor you play as Talion, a former ranger of Gondor and Elven Lord Celebrimbor who are bound together by the pain in their past. Throughout the game you fight the Uruk on your way to fight Sauron to avenge the death of your loved ones and to learn the truth of Celebrimbor with the help of Gollum along the way of your journey for revenge.

The game focuses on you as Talion and your ghostly companion fighting your way through Mordor killing one Uruk at a time. The main quest line is not that interesting because it is the same exact thing over and over. To kill Uruk captains. Through it you help an Uruk scum named Ratbag, help rebels take down a statue of Sauron, and take control of Uruk’s MINDS!!!! That last part is the best part of the game. Like come on where else are able to control a whole army from taking over their minds at the snap of your fingertips.

When playing this game dying affects the ranks of the Uruk’s. Because they are always fighting for power the ranks change and there power as well. When I died for the first time in this game I was thinking “what’s going on here?” Uruk’s were fights killing each other and doing missions to power up. While I’m here level one with nothing but my sword, dagger, and bow. Even though it might seem like a hindrance to some people when trying to play. It is actually quite a good feature in the game when it comes to the enemies. As for me I don’t know any other games that do this with their enemy systems.

The combat system they have for this game has a variety when it comes to you taking out the Uruk’s. With the sword he can land a few combos and he has a stun power to do a swift furry of attacks on the Uruk you stunned. If you’re not into that up close and person kind of fight fray not because they have a dagger for stealth kills and a bow that you cause use up close of far away. With the bow when using it you have limited ammo that you can upgrade and it will sow time for a bit when zoomed out. When going through the game you can get more combat abilities as you level up to fight THE EVIL URUKS TO THE END!!!!

Overall this game isn’t that bad. Even though it is you doing the same thing over and over it kills the time and you can learn more about Lord of The Rings. I personally liked it because I always like that type of fantasy especially the Lord of the rings. I can’t speak for others on this game, but want you to go out and try it for yourself before you miss out on something that you could have loved playing in your spare time.



  • Dying affects the game play
  • Variety of combat styles


  • Main missions are repetitive


Mark Ramos is a gamers who has been gaming since the orginal Xbox. He likes to give all games a chance before he gives up and goes on to the next. He plays all types of games and some even say he's better than Jake DeLong or so that's what I've been told. His first role-playing game he started off with was The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind and has loved the franchise ever since.

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