The Order: 1886 Review

While this game certainly had potential and was fun at times it simply doesn’t meet the mark for today’s standard in action adventure games. This 3rd person shooter is incredibly short and offers little interaction with its gorgeous world and you breeze through it.  Don’t blink or you’ll miss it! I felt the characters were very well-developed and the graphics were amazing but that came at a price of sacrificing interacting with the world as you quickly passed through it.

Don't blink, you'll miss the beautiful graphics

Don’t blink, you’ll miss the beautiful graphics

Game play has one mode and that is single player campaign with no multiplayer options. Honestly, with the game built the way it was I do not see this as a bad thing because it was clearly designed to be a more cinematic type experience with a story. I would compare The Order: 1886 to Xbox’s Ryse because they both have absolutely gorgeous scenes but both lack game tactic elements and combat interactions. One cool thing about The Order: 1886 is meeting or reading about historical figures. For example, you get to meet Nikola Tesla and hear him talk about Thomas Edison in a humorous way. Jack the Ripper is also mentioned a few times throughout the game as well. The gunfight segments in the game really left me wanting more because they were so easy and pretty straight forward. Everything in the game was guided in that I didn’t have the opportunity to interact with the world unless it allowed me to which was rare and only when it wanted me to progress the story. It also abruptly ended which left a lot of questions about what happened to the characters during the aftermath of everything that transpired. Can we say sequel?

Graphics: The graphics are stunning! The game is very well-polished in this category and I can’t really come up with a specific example because because everything from the scenery to the character models looks amazing and in great detail. This game was definitely developed with cinematic flare in mind and they nailed it.

Did I mention that they nailed the graphics?

Did I mention that they nailed the graphics?

Controls: The controls do have a somewhat clunky feel but that’s partly because they are unique to this game. There are some sequences where they use L1, R2, and Right Stick simultaneously which is different than most gamers are accustomed to. They also used Right Stick in some fight mechanics that was interesting but I really think they could have done a better job by adding more layers to their combat input strategy.

Replayability: There really isn’t any in this game other than to finish off a few trophies and I do mean a few because the trophies in this game are hands down one of the easiest in the game and a platinum is pretty much guaranteed if sought after. It’s a one time play through game and then a few chapters to load afterwards just to farm some trophies you may have missed during the campaign.


  • Beautiful scenes
  • Detailed graphics
  • Well-developed characters


  • Short game length
  • Abrupt ending
  • Combat lacks strategy
  • Game needs more interactivity


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