The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Review

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a game that has beauty and death tied together to make up the fantastic world that you see around. From the dead swinging in trees to riding in a meadow on your horse, this game provides beautiful graphics in an exceptional world. At first, I thought this was going to be like The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings which not many people like but this was a completely new look and feel for the Witcher franchise. For me, I like my role-playing games to have the type of animation to the surroundings like this game has. Here you can see everything from lighting in the sky when it storms or the grass moving with the breeze, it has it all.

The story of this games focuses on Geralt’s adopted daughter, Ciri. She is a child of the “Elder Blood” which gives her the powers to teleport though different worlds. When you have this kind of power there will be people who want to abuse it and in this case it’s The Wild Hunt, who want to harness Ciri’s powers and invade other worlds. You play as Geralt of Rivia you must find Ciri before The Wild Hunt. To accomplish this task you mush travel throughout the realm to help the power figures of that area like the Bloody Barron in the swamps of Velen, the four gangs in the realms vast capital of Novigrad, and the would-be kings/queens and there clans in the most extraordinary land in the game, the isles of Skellige.

This game offers the many hours of campaign and side quests that keep you busy for hours at a time. With some of the quests it gives you different options when you go through it and has different outcomes for each option that you choose to do. Some of those quests actually have an affect on the campaign when you play through it and the credits you see at the end. The way you play this game affects the way the NPC’s see you in the world. Whether you extort people for more money during a quest or be the nice guy and tell them to keep their money or gift, the NPC’s will react accordingly. The developers at CD Projekt RED did something that you don’t see to often and that is offer 16 free DLC, to be distributed weekly. As a gamer seeing that is amazing that they want to give back to the buyers that spent their hard earned money. That kind of deal is hard not to pass up in it’s self.

When it comes to the combat aspects of the game there wasn’t many combos you could throw together when fighting and I was always on the hunt for better gear just to beat certain parts in the game. Like how someone I know was fighting a Water Hag guarding a treasure chest had died seven times before he asked me for help. He was at the point where he was about to snap the controller and throw it through the T.V. The combat consists of some fast attacks with a few strong attacks here and there and the six signs that you are able to use in the combat to protect you, go on the offensive, or turn them against one another. When it comes to the defense part of the game you can block with your sword, parry, dodge, jump out of the way, or use your sign Quen to protect yourself. With the long dodge and the short dodge there will be time were you get away and you see the hit miss you completely and all of a sudden you see your health go down. That is just one small example of an issue you can see with the combat.

Whether you are into Action RPGs or not you should give this a chance. And if you’re turned off by the thought that this game would be like the previous Witcher games I’m here to tell you it’s not. At first I was a skeptic about it and wondered if it would be like either of the previous Witcher games and I was completely wrong. They blew it out of the park with this third part in the franchise. The long 4 year development time really shines in every part of this game and with the additional free DLC, it’s definitely worth the $60 you will pay for the game. Don’t wait any longer, pick this one up now!


  • Amazing story line
  • Fantastic visuals
  • Challenging combat


  • That horse of yours that always gets in your way
  • Little technical issues


Mark Ramos is a gamers who has been gaming since the orginal Xbox. He likes to give all games a chance before he gives up and goes on to the next. He plays all types of games and some even say he's better than Jake DeLong or so that's what I've been told. His first role-playing game he started off with was The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind and has loved the franchise ever since.

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