The Crew Gameplay – Xbox One

Josh and I have been loving The Crew! We have made it pretty far into the game but I don’t think this session really spoils anything story wise....

Elder Scrolls Online Gameplay #2 – Xbox One

Elder Scrolls Online is a lot of fun! We have progressed a fair amount since last time, check it out!

Elder Scrolls Online Gameplay #1 – Xbox One

We finally get our hands on Elder Scrolls Online, after dealing with server issues and glitches, this is the first gameplay session part of the way in...

Resident Evil 2: Revelations Co-op Gameplay – Xbox One

Watch as my friend Josh and I play split screen co-op for the first time. We also got stuck on a really simple puzzle, how embarrassing!

Goat Simulator Gameplay – Xbox One

No game is more wacky and pointless than Goat Simulator, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a lot of fun! Watch as I show off gameplay from bo...

Sleeping Dogs Gameplay #1 (Xbox One)

In the first video of this gameplay series, we play Sleeping Dogs for the first time. First impression, pretty awesome!

Duck Dynasty Gameplay Footage (Xbox One)

Watch as we play Duck Dynasty Story mode for the first time. Believe it or not I’ve been waiting to play this game for over 6 months!

Zoo Tycoon Gameplay #3 (Xbox One)

Check out our final video of Zoo Tycoon for Xbox One. The zoo is filled up and I’ve gotten most of the achievements that I wanted to get, so thi...

Beach Buggy Racing Gameplay (Xbox One)

Watch as we play Beach Buggy Racing for the first time. This video features footage of the Career mode.

Zoo Tycoon Gameplay Video #2 (Xbox One)

Watch the continuation of our zoo building, the second video in a series of 3.

Zoo Tycoon Gameplay Footage #1 (Xbox One)

Watch as we create a brand new zoo from scratch and build it from the ground up, the first video in a series of 3!

Spy Chameleon Gameplay (Xbox One)

Check out gameplay footage of our first time playing Spy Chameleon!

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