6 free games added to EA Access Vault

EA Access announced today that 6 arcade titles, called a Throwback Pack, are now free via the Vault. EA Access continues to be a great deal with a growing library of games added to the Vault!


EA Access members* can already explore more than two dozen great games in The Vault, and in the months ahead we’ll be adding even more sports, action and arcade games for players to discover and enjoy.

It all starts today, as a selection of Xbox LIVE Arcade games enter The Vault.  Players can now explore the Throwback Pack, featuring six arcade titles from PopCap, including:

  • – Heavy Weapon™
  • – Bejeweled™ 2
  • – Bejeweled™ 3
  • – Feeding Frenzy™
  • – Feeding Frenzy™ 2
  • – Zuma™

Later this year, we’ll also add even more blockbuster content to The Vault, including:

  • – EA SPORTS™ UFC® 2
  • – Mirror’s Edge™ Catalyst
  • – Star Wars™ Battlefront™

And of course, members can experience 10 hours of all-out war in Battlefield™ 1 before its release with a Play First Trial beginning on October 13.


Jake DeLong is a recreational gamer who primarily plays games on Xbox One. Believes every game should have an option for local couch co-op and hates online only multiplayer. Watches WWE Raw every week and still misses CM Punk dearly. Also is the creator/owner/filmer of Relive the Moment Concerts. Has a badass PC that could play pretty much any game on it's maximum settings, but when buying only asked, "Can you play Sim City on it?"

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