Xbox One

Lifeless Planet Spoiler Free Montage

Lifeless Planet is a beautiful game. I wanted to put together a video (without any spoilers or story elements whatsoever) just showcasing the types of...

Fallout 4 Trailer!!

Long awaited, Bethesda has finally released a trailer for Fallout 4!

Spy Chameleon Gameplay (Xbox One)

Check out gameplay footage of our first time playing Spy Chameleon!

Ultratron Gameplay – 2 Player Coop REDEMPTION

We did better this time around!

Ultratron Gameplay – 2 Player Coop FAIL

Watch as my friend Mark and I play this game for the very first time. This qualifies as a FAIL in my opinion!

Mega Coin Squad Gameplay – 2 Player Local Versus

Check out this video of me and my friend Josh playing Mega Coin Squad for the first time. I thought the story mode was local coop but apparently it...

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